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PowerDirector Ultimate Suite 14.0

PowerDirector Ultimate Suite 14.0

This Cruzified setup will install and activate all products in Cyberlink's Power Director Ultimate Suite 14.0. which includes:

  • CyberLink Power Director,
  • CyberLink Audio Director,
  • CyberLink Wave Editor,
  • CyberLink Color Director ,
  • CyberLink Screen Recorder.

High Performance Video Editing

PowerDirector 14 introduces extreme video editing, pushing beyond traditional video making boundaries to offer something truly new—a unique combination of the high-end performance and features found in pro-level software, wrapped in the easy-to-use, intuitive design of consumer products making it accessible to everyone from complete beginners through to expert video editors.

Complete Video, Audio & Color Editing Workflow

PowerDirector brings you all the tools you need to create fantastic videos. However, great videos need great audio, and PowerDirector provides an advanced audio studio, AudioDirector, which offers end-to-end audio editing, mixing, recording and production tools. To control the mood and tone of your video, PowerDirector also features ColorDirector, professional-grade color grading software.

Both AudioDirector and ColorDirector are integrated into the PowerDirector interface to provide an uninterrupted, round-trip editing experience.

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