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PowerDirector 13 Ultimate


PowerDirector 13 Ultimate

PowerDirector 13 Ultimate includes all the powerful video editing tools for high quality video productions - 100-track timeline, MultiCam Editing, the world's fastest 64-bit TrueVelocity engine, and much more. It comes with over $650 worth of premium effects and templates to enrich your video creation, 10GB cloud services for the first year, and PowerDirector Mobile for video editing on smart devices.
You can also control the in/out speed of transition effects with keyframe tools.
Personalized Transition Effects
The new Transition Designer provides an easy way to customize transition effects from an image. Simply import an image, and PowerDirector will create the transition effect based on the image selected.
Create Unique Animated Titles
The fully customizable Title Designer interface provides an easy way for you to freely control title sets with a powerful keyframe interface. You can assign special fonts and colors, control starting and ending effects, and use keyframes to control position, size and opacity.
Need more? You can apply over 120 built-in video effects to your titles to make them look more unique.
Pro-Looking Animated Slideshows
PowerDirector’s Theme Designer provides a fast and easy way to turn your videos and photos into HD animated slideshows. Select from over 30 stylish themes, including Travel, Wedding, Action Sports, Vacation and Photo Frames. Drag-and-drop photos and videos from your DSLR or camcorders, and create stylish animated videos in seconds!

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PowerDirector 13 Ultimate install & patch activation - How to

The install and activation of Power Director 13 Ultimate and all its features is a three stage process. The install os PD13 Ultimate, the patching of program files, and the unlocking of codecs. As with all Cruzified patches, the steps below are simple but must be followed.
The PDR13 Ultimate installer is genuine and untouched. Please note, Trial versions can not give you a fully featured program and must be uninstalled. This also applies to any other versions of Power Director. The PD13 Ultimate installer will prompt you to uninstall any other versions, but it's best to uninstall them prior to running the Cruzified setup. Then just follow the steps below..
Once PowerDirector is activated, all features will function, updates and plugins can be installed as normal.


    Prior to installation

  1. You MUST uninstall any Trial and/or any other versions of PowerDirector.
  2. Make sure you're logged in to an Administrators account on your PC.

  3. The Installation

  4. "Run the setup As Administrator".
  5. Setup may take some time to load as it's a large file.
  6. Click 'Install PD 13 Ultimate, then click OK to launch the PD13Ult setup installer
  7. The Cyberlink setup will extract installation files for PowerDirector 13 Ultimate, WaveEditor2, Quicktime and SmartSound in both x64 and 32bit versions.
  8. The installer interface will show. Agree to license and follow the installer prompts.
  9. If you never uninstalled any 'Trial' or other PD versions installed, you will be prompted to uninstall them now, you must select 'Yes'
  10. Proceed with the installation, just follow the prompts.
  11. You must install Quicktime codecs if prompted, SmartSound is optional. WaveEditor2 will install as it is part of the PowerDirector Ultimate package.
  12. When the install is complete, DO NOT launch PowerDirector! Just close the setup by the "X" in the top corner. DO NOT allow PDR13 to start.
  13. When you close the PD13 Ult installer the CruZified patching screen will show.
  14. Check the path to the PD13 programs folder is correct.
  15. Enter a username into the text box if you wish.
  16. Click the 'Patch PowerDirector 13' button.
  17. Patching completion will be indicated, enabling PowerDirector 13 Ultimate to be started.

  18. Codec Activation To complete the activation process, you must start PowerDirector and activate codec features by generating a serial. Just read and follow these directions.

  19. Click 'Next' on the Cruzified patch, and then hit "Generate Serial".
  20. Start Power Director 13 for the first time. When the splash screen shows, select "Full Featured Editor"
  21. DO NOT participate in product improvement programs
  22. SKIP the registration dialog. Register on their website via your browser if you wish.
  23. When the editor page loads hit, File > Import > Media Files > and attempt to import .mkv or .mp4 file.
  24. A dialog will show saying features need to be activated
  25. Click the blue link "I don't have an internet connection", another dialog will show.
  26. Generate a serial on the patch and copy into the Cyberlink text box. Hit OK
  27. The mkv/mp4 file should now import OK, and all features are activated.
  28. Now download and install the latest update and plugins.
  29. Enjoy!

Currently updates, plugins, and effects can be installed as normal, without the need to re-patch or re-activate the program again. Just be aware this could change with any future update. I recommend to make a backup prior to updating. Do not participate in "Product Improvement Programs" as this will give developers permission to access to your computer. If you want to register with Cyberlink, go to their website via your browser to do so. As again registering through the software places unwanted files/registry entries in your computer. Registration places you on Cyberlinks mailing list, but may also give you access to additional effects or plugin downloads.