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Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate

About Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate

The Ultimate Video-Editing Software: Your movies look their best from every angle with the power of Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate and its new Multi-Camera Editor. View and edit footage from up to 6 cameras, and align clips automatically with Audio Syncing. Easily lower background sound to keep dialog and narration clear with new Audio Ducking. Take on any editing project with confidence thanks to 64-bit speed, unlimited-track frame-accurate editing in 4K, HD and 3D, and broad format support, including new XAVC decoding, DVCPRO HD decoding, and VFR and MXF support. With 2,000+ effects, transitions and titles, and NewBlue Video Essentials IV, your movies will look stunning wherever you share them online, on devices or on disc.

More about Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate here.

Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate Activation by CruZified

  • All setup files come compressed in a .zip file. All contents should be extracted to your C:// drive.
  • The setup consists of all the install files for Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate plus all the content packs.
  • The zip file is approx 2.5 GB and may take some time to download (depending on your internet speed).
  • Updates are OK to install in order released, and are available from the Pinnacle website.

Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate install & activation - How to


Prior to installation

  1. You MUST uninstall any Trial and/or any other versions of Pinnacle Studio. It is the setup files that have been modified to activate with the provided serial/s. The serial/s will not work on upgraded or previous installs of Pinnacle Studio
  2. Make sure you're logged in to an Administrators account on your PC.
  3. Make sure you're PC meets all system requirements as per the Pinnacle website..
  4. Extract the .zip file contents to your C:/ drive.
  5. Windows 10 should be in "Developer Mode".

The Installation

  1. Extract the zip contents to your C: drive, and open the installation folder.
  2. Right click on the autorun.exe file, and select "Run As Administrator".
  3. The Cruzified GUI will open and a serial (1) number will be generated.
  4. Copy the serial to your clipboard now.
  5. Click the "Pinnacle Studio 19 Setup" (2) button to launch the installation.
  6. A dialog will show asking you to enter your user info, and serial.
  7. Enter some details, and paste in the generated serial.
  8. Click on "Activate & Register Now" and wait for response, click OK.
  9. At this point you may receive a dialog saying to insert DVD or select installation directory.
  10. Click on "NO", and then in the Folder Browse dialog select the folder named "Setup" (usually already highlighted) in the installation directory, and click "OK".
  11. The Pinnacle Studio 19 setup interface will then show.
  12. Select "Standard Installation" for Pinnacle Studio and ALL content packs to be installed.
  13. Just follow the installer prompts until complete.
  14. Do not allow any programs to start until installation is fully complete.
  15. Depending on your PC, the full installation of program and content packs may take some time to complete.
  16. On first start of Pinnacle Studio, the "user info dialog" may show again. Just leave the info and serial the same and click on "Activate & Register Now" again
  17. It takes a few minutes for everything to initialize, so wait for it to stop before you dive in to your editing.
  • The Premium Pack 1-2 is a large downloadable add-on that can be downloaded and installed at any time.
  • Updates can be downloaded from the Pinnacle website, and installed as normal.
  • Do not participate in any "Product improvement Programs" or simular (clear the checkbox).