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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium Patch Activation

  • This CruZified setup will firstly install MEP2014 Premium, then patch program & system files, and finally provide a serial number used to activate MEP2014 Premium to full version. Use the same serial number to activate all codecs.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium includes all of the amazing advantages of the Plus version as well as a unique package of exclusive add-on programs worth € 450*. Add some intense color grading or customized high-quality title animations and let your creativity flow.

Your advantages:

  • Unique performance for editing and exporting
  • Touch elements make the program easier and more intuitive to use than ever before
  • Precise video editing on up to 99 tracks
  • Full 4K and HD support for AVCHD/HDV camcorders and action cameras
  • Full Stereo3D support
  • Intel Wireless Display support (WiDi)
  • Proxy editing for smooth 4K and HD editing
  • Secondary color correction
  • Multicam editing (for two cameras)
  • Advanced audio dubbing in 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Professional movie templates
  • High Dynamic Range effects (HDR)
  • Impressive travel route animations
  • Over 1500 unique effects and templates
  • Custom menu design
  • Import clips and video projects from MAGIX Movie Edit Touch
  • Export to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and as files

Magix Movie EditPro 2014 Premium install & Patch Activate - How to

  • Setup will install Magix Movie EditPro 2014 Premium v.
  • Then patch the program allowing it to be activated with our serial
  • Provide serial for initial activation of program
  • Use the same serial for one time activation of codecs and import/export functions


  1. Right click and run setup As Admin
  2. Click install to launch the Magix installer for Movie EditPro 2014 Premium v.
  3. Follow installer prompts
  4. Clear the checkboxes to not install the Ask Toolbar and other 3rd party junk
  5. On completion do not start MovieEdit Pro


  1. The CruZified patcher will show again. Confirm the program path and version are correct.
  2. Click "Activate 2014 Premium"
  3. A screen will then display a serial key.
  4. Copy the serial and keep it in  safe place, as it will be needed even after activating the program.
  5. Start MovieEdit Pro for the first time
  6. A dialog will show with options of; "Activate with serial", "Purchase online", and "Continue" or "Run trial".
  7. You must select "Activate with serial",
  8. Enter the serial provided. Keep a copy of the serial in a safe place, it will be needed again.
  9. Enter an email address (Internet connection must be active)
  10. Click the "Activate & Register Online" button

Codec & Import/Export Activation:

Even though MEP is fully activated, it will still ask for a "one time activation" of codecs, plugins, and other 3rd party programs that MEP uses. This is the reason you must keep a copy of the serial used. To activate these codec & plugins you must use the same serial used to activate MEP from install.

The first time you try to import a video, export, render, etc you will be confronted with this dialog


  1. You must select "Offline" activation
  2. Then enter the same serial you used to activate the MEP program.
  3. This is a one time activation, but will be needed for each of the codecs and plugins that depend on 3rd party applications.