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HitFilm 3 Pro v.3.0.3716

HitFilm 3 Pro v.3.0.3716.39084 ( 2015) Install + Activate

  • This CruZified setup will install HitFilm 3 Pro and then patch activate to full version

About HitFilm 3 Pro

All your essential editing tools, over 150 effects and groundbreaking 3D compositing with a revolutionary workflow. World class particle simulators with physics-driven and audio-driven behavior, professional chroma key and advanced color correction. Import and animate 3D models with high quality lighting and shadowing and automatic motion blur and depth of field.

New in HitFilm 3 Pro

There are a huge number of new and upgraded features in HitFilm 3 Pro. If you've used an earlier version, here's a brief overview of what's changed:

  • UPGRADED Particle simulator: New emitter types and 3D model textures
  • NEW 3D camera projection: Turn images into photoreal 3D scenes
  • UPGRADED Atomic particles: Create atomic arrays from 3D models
  • UPGRADED Tracked masks with mocha: Apply mocha tracked data to HitFilm masks
  • NEW Pro denoiser: Based on the latest academic research
  • NEW 20+ effects: Major new 2D effects
  • NEW Grading tools: Curves have arrived
  • UPGRADED 3D models: Higher fidelity & new rendering options
  • NEW OpenFX & HitFilm Plugins: OpenFX plugins inside HitFilm & HitFilm Plugins inside your other software
  • UPGRADED Editor: Full-sized trimmer
  • NEW Performance & interface: Background proxying & UI redesign
  • NEW Formats & pipeline: 16-bit OpenEXR in-to-out

HitFilm 3 Pro Install & Activate - How To

  1. From an Administrator account right click on patch file and select "Run As Administrator"
  2. Install HitFilm 3 Pro and Plugins from setup
  3. Follow the installer prompts.
  4. On the last screen of the installer, clear the checkbox DO NOT allow HitFilm to start prior to activation.
  5. When both HitFilm 3 Pro and Plugins are installed, click "Next".
  6. The patch will locate HitFilm from registry, then open the activation page.
  7. Check the version and install path displayed are correct
  8. Click "Activate HitFilm 3 Pro"
  9. Successful activation is indicated.
  10. HitFilm will open as full product (no prompts to start trial).

If you have HitFilm 3 Pro already installed

  1. Check your version installed and and patch setup version are the same, or the patch will just ask you to install again from setup.
  2. From an Administrator account right click on patch file and select "Run As Administrator"
  3. The patch will locate HitFilm from registry and open on the activation page.
  4. Check version and install paths displayed are correct.
  5. Click "Activate HitFilm 3 Pro"
  6. Successful activation is indicated.
  7. HitFilm will open as full product (no prompts to start trial).

Patch is version specific and can not be updated

The current patch will install and activate HitFilm 3 Pro v.3.0.3716.39084 (2015).

HitFilm is a powerful program that requires high computer recourses. Check that your computer meets ALL recommended system requirements including processor and graphics card.