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DXO Optics Pro 9

About DXO Optics Pro 9

DxO make the standard camera sensor testing software, meaning they're a pretty good authority when it comes to photo software. So it's no surprise DxO Optics Pro ($99 direct) is indeed one of the most impressive pieces of photo software out there, and, since my last review of the software, it's made large leaps forward, particularly in improved organization features and program stability. It tops these off with unmatched image processing: DxO claims the new, unique Prime feature gives you a full extra stop of exposure with no increase in noise level. Even without that, Optics Pro can do wonders for your digital photos—particularly if you shoot in camera raw mode.

DXO Optics Pro 9 Patch Activation - How To

  1. To download the latest version of DXO Optics Pro 9, open the patch and click Download
  2. Just install as normal by following the installer prompts
  3. For best results, do not let the program start! Clear the "Start DXO now" checkbox on the Finish page of the installer.


  1. Start the CruZified DXO Optics Patch by right click and select "Run As Administrator"
  2. The patch will now be displaying the patching screen
  3. Check the location path of the DXO program folder is correct.
  4. Just click the "Activate DXO" button
  5. Successful patching is indicated.
  6. Enjoy!