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Camtasia Studio 2018 v18

Camtasia Studio 9

Camtasia Studio 2018 Activation by CruZified

  • This CruZified setup will provide a direct download link for the latest version of Camtasia Studio 18 from the TechSmith website. Without the need to give them your personal info.
  • This patch will enter all data used for activation automatically including the serial key. The activation is permanent, and gives you full use of Camtasia Studio 18 and its features.

Install and Activate - How To

Download the latest version.

    The setup provides a direct download link for the latest version of Camtasia 9 via the TechSmith website. It will bypass the need to register or enter any information. The download will open your default browser (or Download Manager) and download to your default "Downloads" folder.
  1. Run the Cruzified setup "camtasia18-CZ.exe" file
  2. Click the "Download Camtasia" button.
  3. Select to "Save" the download.
  4. The Cruzified setup can be closed during the download.

Activate Pre- Installed

  1. Run the Camtasia setup until complete.
  2. Make sure Camtasia is fully closed.
  3. Run the Cruzified setup with Administrator privelidges (right click on the "camtasia18-CZ.exe" file and select "Run As Administrator")
  4. Click the "Activate Camtasia" button.
  5. All the activation data will install automatically and display the serial.
  6. Start Camtasia Studio.
  7. If asked enter the serial provided.
  8. Close the Cruzified patch and enjoy Camtasia Studio 18!.