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Back online with a few changes...

As many of you know, due to the popularity of the site. I could no longer afford to keep the site open. Over the last year Cruzified has grown to over 50,000 members, and that increases every week. Even with the generosity of those that donated to the site, I could no longer afford to pay hundreds of dollars every month, just to keep the site online.

I was never interested in making any money from the site. I just wanted to help the likes of students and those that could never afford to pay full price for software they need for whatever reason. Or giving them the tools to reach their full potential. To give people a site where you never had to worry about viruses, malware, mass advertising and surveys. And then finding out it was all just a scam and/or deception anyway.I knew how to make reliable patches that worked. I'd been doing it for my friends in university for years. So after finishing with university I started sharing my work with you guys. After all it helped with my career as a programmer anyway. But now the reality is it's just got too big to remain as it were.

I placed a post on the front page letting people know CruZified would be going offline. I was shocked when I received overwhelming support from CruZified members with literally hundreds of emails. I tried to reply to all of you, but for those that I missed. I would like to say thank you for your support, help, and suggestions of how to keep the site online.

There was a surprising amount of CruZified members that suggested charging fee of some type, as an alternative to closing the site. Numerous methods were suggested. Of the methods that would work with our website, the most popular was a subscription membership.
Basically subscribing to Premium Membership will give you access to everything on the site, with no download restrictions. Just select the time period you would like to subscribe for. Pay Pal handles all payment methods (credit card, Visa, etc). You are given the role of Premium Member instantly, no waiting. Your profile is updated automatically, displaying membership details and expiry date.

This will benefit everyone as I can make all my work and content available. Giving you a larger selection to choose from

However you look at it, the subscription fee is only a fraction of the cost of any one program, but you get access to everything on the site.

I'm uploading new content on a regular basis, so check the site every few days to see if there is anything you are interested in.

You are welcome to request new content, please use the Contact form to do so.
Please understand it takes time to create a Windows patch of any kind. Although I try my best to email a member when a requested file is available, this may not always happen.

Thank you, to all the Cruzified members who have supported this website, and previous websites over the years.