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Patch Activation for Adobe's new release of Creative Cloud 2018 is available now!

Any install or major update made after October 18 2017 should use these patches to activate your CC 2018 products

Installation media for CC 2018 programs is available directly from Adobe here. or via update through the Creative Cloud Application Manager.

Follow the prompts of the Adobe installer.
If asked ,select to "Install Trial".

When installation is complete just close the dialog by the "X" in the top corner.
It's best NOT to launch the program before patching, however this wont effect the patch activation.

Run the Cruzified Patch with Administrative permissions.
Right click and select "Run as administrator".

Check the Path to the Program folder is correct.
Click the folder icon to edit path

Click "Patch Activate".

Please note, Adobe CC Bridge does not require patch activation.
If you have any problems please contact Cruzified Support.

These patches were updated in July 2018 to provide Patch Activation for the Creative Cloud 2018 release.